Appreciation for Christmas Jumpers

People have many different reactions to Christmas jumpers. Some people still find Christmas jumpers embarrassing, Rudy-Reindeer-300x300and that embarrassment can make them targets for joke gifts. This attitude was common enough during the 1990′s and the 2000′s to have inspired many classic movie and television scenes involving awkward gift exchanges and gaudy Christmas jumpers.

However, more and more people today embrace the goofy appeal that novelty Christmas jumpers can have, celebrating their offbeat quality in the process. As much as forty-one percent of people in the United Kingdom may have novelty Christmas jumpers of their own, according to some surveys.

It’s clear that at the moment, the camp that enjoys cute Christmas jumpers seems to be winning. Friends that truly want to make each other happy on Christmas will exchange Christmas jumpers today. Christmas jumpers are no longer solely reserved for friends and family members that are interested in pulling Christmas pranks on one another.

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How to Control Fleas in the Home

When you have pets, chances are you’ll run into a flea problem in the home. Before you know it, not only is your pet itching and scratching but so are you. The worst part is, fleas make their way onto your clothing, furniture and into your yard. Luckily, there are measures that can taken to control fleas in the home and protect your pets.

fleasThe first thing you must do is treat your pets. Begin by bathing your cat or dog with a gentle shampoo, citrus dishwashing liquid, or flea dip. During this bath fleas will fall into the water and drown. After the bath, comb your pet with a flea comb, which should be used every time your pet is treated for fleas. Next, treat pets by using oral and topical medication. When doing so, be sure to use the correct size for you pet in addition to giving the medications on the same day you treat your home and yard. After administering the flea preventative wash your pets bedding and any other cloth items. Use the wash cycle to remove eggs and larvae then follow with the dry cycle for 30 minutes to kill any remaining fleas and eggs.

When this is complete, it is time to focus on the home. Protect yourself from flea bites by spraying your ankles, socks and pant cuffs with a mosquito spray containing DEET. This should be done every day for about 30 days. The next step is to clean your floors thoroughly. Vacuum any carpeting or rugs. Before vacuuming chop up a flea collar and place into the vacuum bag. When done, throw the vacuum bag away and dispose in a outdoor garbage container. For smooth surfaces, mop with a cleaning agent to cause fleas to emerge from any nooks and crannies.

Once your floors are cleaned, use a flea control spray or fogger. You will need enough for the square footage in every room of the home. Spray carpets, floors, baseboards, furniture, and walls in addition to corners, door edges, under furniture as well as under furniture cushions. After your home is treated allow you pet to roam freely around the home. Any fleas remaining will jump on your pet’s fur, bite their skin and die as a result of the flea medication. Also keep pets in the home as much as possible for 30 days.

As soon as the inside of the home is sprayed, treat your yard. Before treating your yard, mow the lawn and remove debris like leaves or grass clippings. Once this is done spray your entire lawn and pay close attention to shaded and partially shaded areas. When both your home and you yard is treated wait two weeks before treating again. After the second treatment your home will be free of fleas.

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